Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

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Photovoltaic modules convert sunlight directly into electricity in a process that is both elegant and simple. The cells in the modules are made from silicon, the most abundant element on earth after oxygen. Photovoltaic modules have no moving parts, which makes them inherently more reliable than other energy sources. They are appropriate for many applications, especially where conventional electric utility service is not available.

The basic principle is that the electricity that is produced is in DC (Direct current)so it can either be used as DC or it is sent to an inverter and made into AC Alternating current )which is what we all use in our homes and daily use.
Since the electricity that is produced is not used immediately we need to store this and this is done by batteries and this is a significant cost of any Solar PV system.

The current major applications for Solar PV are listed beyond this page.

Solar Home Lighting Systems

These are a common application for solar PV and would normally consist of a solar panel ,a charge controller and a two or three lights (luminaires) which would give light for around 3 -5 hrs depending on the requirements of the consumer.


Solar Flashlight

This rugged flashlight is capable of providing light for 15 hours after it is charged in the sun for 8 hours. It is powered using LED so they wont fuse like regular bulbs and require no replacement. Not only is it long lasting but its also very light in terms of weight. It also comes with a adapter to charge through a power point.


Solar Lanterns

The simplest example of solar PV incorporating all of the above components in a single unit and provides a standalone lighting solution.



Solar Street /Security Lights

These are street lights which are self contained units and require no wiring. They just have to be erected on site to provide lighting. They are equipped with light sensors so they will switch on and off automatically and require no manual intervention.

As they are independent of the local power supply, they are ideally suited for security lighting too as they cannot be tampered with or switched off in such an application. They could be fitted with motion detectors too.


Solar Traffic Lights

The Solar Traffic Light is fast catching on and are a sensible option. They are used with LED bulbs to provide power and reliability to this crucial function.



Solar Water Pumps

Solar PV has been found to be extremely useful in powering water pumps in areas where there is no power or other options.

In response to this manufacturers have developed special pumps which are optimized for Solar PV and are available in different configurations.


Solar PV Generation

Solar panels used for Power generation set in large arrays and perhaps not unexpectedly, a significant market has emerged in off-grid locations for solar-power-charged storage-battery based solutions. These often provide the only electricity available.

The first commercial installation of this kind was in 1966 on Ogami Island in Japan to transition Ogami Lighthouse from gas torch to fully self-sufficient electrical power. World solar photovoltaic (PV) installations were 2.826 Giga Watts peak (GWp) in 2007 and 5.95 giga watts in 2008, a 110% increase. The three leading countries (Germany, Japan and the US) represent nearly 89% of the total worldwide PV installed capacity.

According to Navigant Consulting and Electronic Trend Publications, the estimated PV worldwide installations outlooks of 2012 are 18.8GW and 12.3GW respectively. Notably, the manufacture of solar cells and modules has grown considerably and with the world energy shortage, is, poised for further growth in the coming years.


A pipe that conducts ambient sunlight to desired location in the building interiors. It doesn’t carry any heat into the room only light! It even changes the color to white. Its applied in warehouses, houses, schools and more.