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Solar Cooker :: A new and improved version of a product that has long been around. It can be used for cooking unsupervised under the sun without burning the food. In summers you can cook 4 dishes in about 2 hours time winters will take longer. Also Available: Solar Electric Hybrid Cooker

Solar Cooker
Nurjahan Solar Lantern :: A well designed solar lamp with possibly the brightest light output that is ideally suited for lighting large spaces with a backup of upto 18 hours of lighting. It can charge a cell phone and comes with a solar panel.

Nurjahan Solar Lantern
Duron Solar Home System :: A very portable and compact solar home lighting system with a mobile charger. As shown above it includes 3 Power LED lights and 1 multi mobile charger. It provides lighting for upto 4 hours with all three lights on.

Duron Solar Home System
Home Lighting System :: A complete solar solution for a home providing both lighting and a table fan. Can provide power upto 8-10 hrs depending on usage. Includes: 37W - 40W Solar Panel, 40 Ah Solar Battery & Battery Box, A charge controller Two 3W led lights with power LEDs A low Amp Table fan ,complete wiring and panel mounting structure.

Home Lighting System
Solar Fan :: This is a fan, which is sold ready for attaching to a solar panel or a battery. (Panel or Battery not included)

Solar Fan
Solar Water Heater :: This simple solution is able to provide hot water without the need to use electricity. During the day the water is heated, and stored in an insulated tank where it remains hot. We sell systems with capacities ranging from 100LPD to 1000 LPD (Litres Per Day)

Solar Water Heater
Light Pipe :: In addition to our other products we do customized daylighting solutions using the Light Pipe technology. This system of daylighting consists of catching the sunlight from your roof, and using a pipe to allow the light to enter the house. The pipe is designed to carry only light, and no heat. It requires no electricity.

Light Pipe
Solar Street Light :: Independently powered reliable and robust solar street lights complete with an led luminaire battery, battery box, auto dusk to dawn operation available in diffrent models and sizes ranging from 11 w to 30 w.

Solar Street Light